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Name:Hogwarts Elite Main Hall
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Welcome to the Hogwarts Elite;
Where our sorting process is permanent; where our members take a deep, analytical look at your application without voting your House on a whim. Thank you for joining us.

Please make sure you are sorted at [community profile] hogwartselite_sort before you apply for membership here. You will be deleted if you attempt to join the appropriate communities BEFORE you are sorted.

How to Join
i. Post an application at Hogwarts Elite Sort. Every batch (up to five a week) will be posted every Monday but stamped/closed every Sunday. Please be sure to post the application itself under a cut. Bold your questions or your answers, not both. The answers need to be thought out and descriptive. If your answers are not used with grammar and proper spelling, you will most likely be announced Muggle. Pushing for a certain House is frowned upon.

ii. Wait for the process to be finished before you attempt to join any of our other communities. You must be stamped first. If a debate comes up in your app, feel free to defend yourself as long as you are bringing valid points. DO NOT flame or start a debate yourself. An Elite member MUST be the first one to start one.

iii. Once you've been Sorted, feel free to join the appropriate House and this Main Hall.

iv. If the majority of the votes you've received are Muggle, you may reapply after two weeks.

General Rules
i. Feel free to talk how you want about whatever you want in your House common room. In the Main Hall, all Houses are there together, so be sure to keep civility.

ii. All communities in Hogwarts Elite (except Elite Sort) are friends locked. Be sure to keep the posts Members Only.

iii. While you must be at least 13 years old to even make an account on DW, we recommend that no one younger than 16 join this community. We are geared towards teenagers and adult audiences.

iv. Inactivity (without a post concerning hiatus) will result in your deletion from Hogwarts. While we will understand that real life gets in the way (and it does often), we must have you make a hiatus post so we know not to delete you.



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